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About us


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Organicino is a young company founded in Agadir by two entrepreneurs namely Ayoub Boughanim and Es-Said Ait Lahcene. The company has been centered to provide a variety of beauty and health products endemic to its motherland – Morocco. It focuses on bringing Moroccan organic products to the market both national and international. Contributing to Morocco’s thriving Argan Oil Industry that has increased exponentially especially after studies had suggested its health benefits, Organicino strives to keep supporting local cooperatives in preserving its rich biodiversity and tangible cultural heritage of Argan production.

With the beauty, health and wellness of the customers as the company’s number one priority, the team is focused in providing carefully organized and structured packs suitable for all types of consumer preferences for natural ingredients for hair treatment and skincare products. The team is also passionate and committed in redefining the beauty industry standards that focuses on giving the essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can heal, restore and retain the natural beauty of the hair and body.

Organicino envisions a world filled with people confidently proud of their own natural beauty with the help of these organic products and looking and feeling beautiful inside and out.